Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers


Teeny Tears provides hospital and infant loss organizations with tiny flannel diapers to give to families suffering through losses.  The two sizes of diapers cover angels from about 18 weeks to 32 weeks, which is wonderful since preemie sized diapers just do not fit these tiny little angels.


Teeny Tears had not started when I delivered my angel, but one of the nurses gave me a few preemie sized diapers to bring home.  It really was a sweet gesture, but that diaper was so big that it didn't mean anything to me.  

Look at the size comparison of my angel to a regular preemie diaper.
This is exactly why what Teeny Tears does is so important.  Having clothing to fit your angel is such a comfort when appropriately sized items just aren't available.  Something as simple as a diaper can help a grieving family find comfort and closure and know that they are not alone in this struggle.


Each diaper comes in a set of two, one for the angel and one for the family to bring home as a special keepsake.  Teeny Tears includes a card with each set as an option to dedicate your contribution to your own angel.

February 2013 Sew Much to Share donation

Currently Teeny Tears has over 30,000 diapers donated, some of which came from Sew Much to Share.  Their blog is a wonderful source of inspiration, and gives people and groups an opportunity to share their own stories and why they do the service that they do.

The patterns are quick and easy to do, perfect for a service activity for any type of group.  It's amazing how something so tiny, like a diaper, can touch the hearts of so many people.

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