How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?
Getting Started

Angel Outfitters Compassionate Clothing is a division under Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers, a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are centrally coordinated to avoid duplication of efforts.  We track every bunting donated, provide personalized distribution cards and staff cards, and highlight each donation on our website, just as Teeny Tears operates. If you have any questions, please email us at:

It takes an army to clothe angels, and we're so glad to have you on our side! There are many ways you can help!

First, please join us on our Facebook participation group,
which is separate from our public Facebook page. As a member of this group, you'll have regular opportunities to adopt requests from hospitals and organizations as they become available. It's also a fun, supportive place to get to know other volunteers, angel families, and join the angel clothing community.

Where do I find the bunting patterns?
Due to persistent difficulties, we've removed the download link from the blog. Please send an email to with the subject of "Bunting Pattern Request". Please allow up to three business days for a response.

Or, you can now purchase acrylic templates.  Please note, printable versions will remain free by request.

How do I donate buntings?
  • You can check the participating hospitals and organization list on our blog to see whether a specific hospital has accepted and used buntings. However, we often have requests being fulfilled that are not listed yet. Again, please email to check whether your hospital has already been supported.
  • If your hospital is not currently stocked, let's remedy that! It's important to double check with the facility to get the appropriate information and get permission from those who coordinate the bereavement supplies, whether it's a nurse manager, a social worker or a bereavement coordinator. We are happy to help you reach out to them, or support you if you'd prefer to make contact yourself. You'll need to also find out the best mailing address, and the approximate number of losses they experience each year between 14 & 19 weeks gestation.

If I can't sew, can I still help?
Of course, we'll take any help you can provide! We always appreciate volunteers who will trace and cut out buntings, and we will gladly complete unfinished clothing, or help you find someone nearby that can. Another great no-sew option is to make and donate No-Sew Hats. We also accept flannel, cotton, or minkee fabric, or monetary donations through the Teeny Tears store.

How can I donate hats?
No-Sew Hats are a quick and simple way to help clothe angels, and don't require any sewing skills. If you can cut a straight line and tie a knot, you can make No-Sew Hats. We will coordinate hat donations with buntings before sending them to their destined hospital or organization.

Our goal is to provide two matching hats for each angel family, one for the baby and one for the family to keep as a keepsake.

It is helpful if you make equal numbers of the small and large hats. Within each size, please provide equal numbers of hats tied with “boy” colored ribbons and hats tied with “girl” colored ribbons. Neutral colors (for the ribbon ties) are helpful as well, especially for the smallest babies.

Hats that are donated separately from buntings are eligible for their own personalized hat cards, to provide hat makers a way to dedicate their hats in memory of their own angels. Please email hat card requests to

Angel Outfitters volunteers are eligible for a discount through certain medical supply companies. For details on a stockinette discount, please email Keira at

What about Teeny Tunics, blankets and other clothing?
Please feel free to include any other angel clothing, accessories or keepsakes with your donations. You can find our Angel Outfitters Teeny Tunic here, and several other Angel Outfitters patterns on this page, or you can check this page for patterns from other designers.

There is no obligation to use distribution cards with the tunics, but they are always available for your use. If you would like personalized cards with your angel's name, and who it's made by, please send an email to

We are not currently tracking tunics as we do with diapers and buntings. Volunteers are welcome to donate them with buntings or diapers at any time. If you need help finding a good place to donate your tunics, we do have several organizations with ongoing needs that would greatly appreciate anything you can offer. Please get in touch with us for more information.

If you would like to donate any of these items independently from buntings, please send an email to so we can collaborate.

How should I package my buntings?
You can package your buntings in whatever way works best for you. However, we do have a quick, easy and inexpensive tutorial for packaging buntings on our website, here.

How should I package my hats?
Please package pairs of hats together. You can either tie pairs of hats together with ribbon, or package several pairs of hats in a Ziploc bag together (if using this method please package like colors together so that any two hats pulled from the bag will be a matching set). There are pictures of both of these methods here:

It is very important that you include one or two staff cards with each donation of hats as well as distribution cards for each pair of hats (or for each “outfit” if you are donating buntings as well). You can then mail your hats in whatever way works best for you.

How do I get personalized distribution cards and staff cards?
We provide free, personalized cards with every bunting, or outfit (bunting/tunic + hat) donated. This enables our volunteers to donate in memory of their own angels, and gives hospitals and angel families a link back to our project as a resource for their own donations or requests.

We also include a copy or two of our Staff Cards with each donation, which have visual instructions on how to use buntings. These are critical to eliminate confusion that they might be worn tied around the shoulders like a cape, which unfortunately has happened.

When you email for your personalized distribution cards please include who you are dedicating your donation to and who the items were created by:
In loving memory of __________ (or, “All babies gone too soon”)
Handcrafted by __________ (including city and state if you like)
Please allow a few days to receive these free, printable cards via email.

If you are sewing internally for a bereavement support organization, please include their logo if you would like it to appear on the distribution cards.

For “Outfit” or "Hat-Only" cards, please email

What do I do after I have made my donation?
It is criticial for our coordination and distribution efforts that we know exactly how many buntings or hats are being donated to which facilities! Please let us know where your items are being donated and how many are being delivered. As we continue to expand rapidly, it will help us keep from duplicating efforts and tripping over our volunteers. We keep a bunting/hat count and a master database. Please provide your updates via email to

We highlight all our volunteer efforts and contributions on our blog and Facebook page. This is your blog post, that represents you, your angels, and your story. You can find our blog at

Please send your project details to and be sure to include:
1. The name of the hospital or bereavement support organization that received your donation
2. The names of individuals or groups that participated in the creation of your buntings or hats, as you would like them listed (with or without last names, for example)
3. Name(s) of the angel(s) in whose memory you are sewing, unless you are sewing in memory of “All Babies Gone Too Soon”
4. The number of pairs of buntings and/or hats donated
5. Photos of your completed batch of donation
6. What inspired you to join our project (if this is your first submission)

Additional suggestions for your blog posts include, but are not limited to:
  •  Photos of your items under construction, including participants, flannel, stockinette & ribbon messes, and angel clothing events
  •  Photos of your angel, if you are comfortable
  •  Your angel’s story
  •  Photos and written details that represent your inspiration and your project
  •  Photos of any additional items that you donated with the buntings/hats (diapers, tunics, blankets, etc.)
  •  Photos of your family as it stands now
  •  Your experience participating in the angel clothing endeavor!

Thank you for your interest! We hope you'll join us on our quest to clothe angel babies all over the world!

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